VSFB Developers Zone Pvt.Ltd.' offers premium Bulk SMS service in India We provide Bulk SMS in a personalized and customized form, having direct connectivity with telecom operators. VSFB Developers Zone Pvt.Ltd. is a leading Bulk SMS gateway service provider. It will show "Your Brand" to receiver (recipient). Similar to getting a message from your phone company, it shows your company name.


  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.
  • Manage group of users [like friends in one group, client in other group, staff on other group etc.
  • You can send message instantly to any individual user or to a particular group.
  • You can schedule the system to send messages on a particular date and time to individuals or groups.
  • Upload excel sheet, notepad files or .csv files [with number and message] to send bulk messages without making address book.
  • You can schedule once and can send recurring (repeat) message (multiple times like each day, week, month or year) , for example once set, message can go to each year on birthday of your friend or to your spouse.
  • We will also provide API for integration with your own applications.
  • This SMS System is not only for personal use, but this is also very effective business tool to send instant notification to you clients.
  • This system is really useful for Schools, Retailers, Agents, Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies, and other service provider companies.

Users buying 1, 00,0000 or more credits will get their own SMS selling website with following features:

  • You will get our we based software.
  • You can sell the SMS credits to other users on your own custom rates.
  • You do not need to worry about support as the newly create site will allow them to login and send SMS (and all facilities listed above)
  • Our system allow any program/software (developed in ASP/.NET/Java/VB ) to send SMS though its special interface, but with proper authentication and security. That means you can send payment reminders, invoices, receipts, dues other notifications direct from your in use application by adding few lines of code (provided by us) in your system.

Sender Id - Maximum 8 characters

Signup Process-

You need to put your details on our website FEEDBACK page with a valid phone number/email id.