VSFB Developers Zone Pvt.Ltd. knows very well that company's future is in the clients' hands. That's why our main task is to fulfill all demands of the clients. The main idea of our business development is the ability to offer the customer the product he is interested in, to evaluate its qualities from the customer's point of view, to use the most modern technologies. Our motto is "We'll make communication with the computer more comfortable". That's why Desktop Software does its best to make working with the computer comfortable for the user. One of our high-priority tasks is to develop software of the highest possible quality. And this is our main goal, to reach which we continue working at extending of our positions in the world market. Our company is now one of the leading software developers in Ukraine. And we are continuing our successful development. We create new products and use modern technologies that are very necessary for our clients. Desktop Software develops and sells qualitative and friendly software for the home and office use. We propose the model try-before-you-buy with the on-line purchase, delivery and licensing. We sell our products in the whole world through the direct sales force and reseller partners. VSFB Developers Zone Pvt.Ltd. is a company with the favorable development atmosphere. All personnel of our company put their creativity and extraordinary solutions into the program products. We are in the constant search of the ways of changing and improving the world of Windows systems. Communicating with users all the time, the company develops new software, which can increase the quality of our life.

List of desktop Software

  • School Management
  • Departmental Store Software
  • Sweet Shop Stock Controller
  • Milk Dairy Automation
  • Educational Institute Manager
  • Post Office Agent
  • Multifirm Trading Software
  • Clothes Garment Shop Manager
  • Dry Clean Shop Automation
  • Advance Library Management System
  • All type of Shop Automation